In the aftermath of the horrible shooting that left a young mother dead, NFL Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, Jovan Belcher, was said to be battling some kind of head injury when he took his own life as well as the life of his girlfriend and the mother of his child.


A friend of the doomed couple came out in the press to reveal some interesting facts about Belcher and Kasandra Michelle Perkins, stating that Belcher was “was dazed and was suffering from short-term memory loss. He could not remember the events that had taken place prior to that game or what he had said to get Kasi [Kasandra Perkins] to return home.” after a recent game against the Bengels. “If you review the footage of the Cincinnati game, he took a few hits to the head directly,” the friend also noted.

Although Belcher’s personal problems may have led up to the murder suicide, the actual trigger to the event was a Trey Songz concert his girlfriend attended Friday night. That apparently did not sit to-well with Belcher.

The friend also said Belcher “drank ALOT. On a nightly basis” and was using medication heavily. He described both Belcher and Perkins as “very young and immature,” which “combined with other factors led to this tragedy.”

We all know the dangers of head injuries in the NFL and these days it seems to have hit a fever pitch. If Belcher was having problems with his memory could it be that he was also was having other problems with his brain that just might have made him susceptible to committing such a heinous act?

That we may never know.