A very dumb 22-year-old woman has been fired from her job at Cold Stone Creamery after commenting on her Facebook page that President Obama might get assassinated… The woman also gained the notice of the Secret Service…


After the president got re-elected she immediately took to Facebook to vent.

“And another 4 years of the n*****. Maybe he will get assassinated this term..!!” Denise Helms of Turlock, California wrote after the president’s re-election on Tuesday.

Helms’ ignorant post raised some eyebrows mostly from outraged Facebook folks who may already be familiar with the law forbidding anyone from making threats against the President’s life.

As word got around of the Helms’ indiscretion she was promptly fired from her gig at the local ice cream shop as well as being reported to Secret Service.

‘I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal,’ Helms told a local news outlet on Thursday. While she appeared visibly upset she still seemed unsure of what she did, if anything wrong.

‘The assassination part is harsh and I’m not saying that I would go and do that or anything like that by any means but if it was to happen I don’t think I would care one bit,’ she said.

Reps for Cold Stone Creamery called her action cold and disgusting and no reflection of their own views after receiving angry calls to their store.