Sorry Nicki Minaj fans, but the ‘Nicki Minaj’ pop-rap star personality can go ahead and go away for all I care, and the deletion of her Twitter account is a great start!

Maybe the ‘real’ Minaj is a nice person, but her public persona is what I think- ‘the worst influence a female could have on the youth’. She really is the worst influence since her arch nemesis- rapper Lil’ Kim.


No I’m not old, nor am I a parent- I just know that artists like Minaj and her team (these types ALWAYS have a team), program the youth to be stupid. Subliminal messages in her songs, fashion, videos… it will all leave young people worse-off.

Minaj is not the only disruption in society, who is detouring the youth away from the bigger picture. There’s Rihanna too, who pushes the Military Agenda and uses Sex Kitten Programming, as does Katy Perry.

These pop stars push various agendas believe it or not, the agendas are to get your life off track. That’s why I’m happy that Nicki Minaj deleted her @NickiMinaj Twitter account yesterday. Maybe society will be one step closer to intelligence if she continues to keep her influence dead- like she wants her Father- “dead”.

Nicki Hallelujah! Nicki Minaj Pulls a Miley Deletes Twitter Account

The reasoning for Minaj leaving Twitter, is apparently because she said she wanted her Father dead on ABC’s Nightline last week. She said she “wanted to kill” her abusive Dad, saying “I wish he was dead.” Her remarks on Nightline, resulted in an overload of negative responses on Twitter that she ‘couldn’t handle.

Unfortunately, her album “Roman Reloaded” was number 1 on the charts last week, but this week- there’s hope of that NOT happening!

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