Recognize those teeth in the photo?

That’s my homie cheese fry Dane Boedigheimer hugging me before he just became super rich and famous. His famous “The Annoying Orange” series on YouTube, has been picked up, and turned into a half hour long cartoon that will air on Cartoon Network in 2012. Way to go!
“The Annoying Orange TV” will be about an orange that has a human mouth and eyes, and heckles other fruits and vegetables. Orange, along with his band of buddies, including Pear, Passion Fruit, Apple, Marshmallow and his nemesis Grapefruit, will travel through time in a magical fruit cart.


It’s safe to say that The Annoying Orange series is very popular. Dane’s YouTube channel has had over 850 million total views as of September this year, it’s the ninth-most-subscribed YouTube channel of all time, it has two million subscribers and the famous Orange has 10 million fans on Facebook and Twitter.