For those who haven’t watched this show I’ll give you the rundown..

They picked 36. They split them into 3 groups of 12. Each week they go through a set and then vote ONLY 3 in the following week.


12 will make it to the finals. We think they will bring   3 more back based upon the votes at the end since 3×3=9 and not 12.

Danny Gokey was the big hit out of the box. His wife died a month ago. Check him out on youtube, and he is now officially in the top 12.

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Adam Lambert is a top finisher….. I find him a little too theatrical but a lot of people like him.

adam lambert American Idol Corner

After last week’s round, this girl is making waves as the top 3 rounding this group out. You know it always changes, but so far these are the top.

allison American Idol Corner

MTV reports:

America voted Wednesday night, and two things became clear: Voters were not nearly as charmed by “American Idol” wannabes Nick “Norman/Normund Gentle” Mitchell and Megan Joy Corkrey as we were.

But 25 million of them voted, and they did like up-from-nowhere 16-year-old firecracker Allison Iraheta, who was the first contestant to be swept into the “Idol” top 12 on Thursday night’s results show. She was followed by surprise pick Kris Allen and self-styled Broadway rocker Adam Lambert.

I have to say…whenever I want to compare someone with extreme raw talent…check out Carrie Underwood’s original audition. I think it’s flawless and it’s hilarious because all three judges are awe struck.

Carrie Underwood Audition