Lindsay Lohan is dating dj Samantha Ronson, but that doesn’t make her a lesbian!

“I think it’s pretty obvious who I’m seeing,” LiLo says in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “I think it’s no shock to anyone that it’s been going on for quite some time… She’s a wonderful person and I love her very much.”


However, when pressed for more specifics, Lindsay offers very brief answers.

Has she been with a girl before? “I don’t know. Maybe,” she laughs.

Does she considers herself bisexual? “Maybe. Yeah,” she replies.

A lesbian? “No,” she answers.

The actress goes on to say that she doesn’t want to classify herself because she doesn’t “know what’s going to happen — tomorrow, in a month, a year from now, five years from now.” However, she does see herself getting married, but whether to a man or a woman, she says, “I don’t know.”

Lindsay adds that her family — except for her father Michael — has been supportive “whether I’m with a guy or a girl. They’re just supportive of me as a person.”