NY 11-Year-Old ‘Special Needs’ Girl Dies After Left In Long Island Hot Car

CORAM, NY. (THECOUNT) — An 11-year-old girl was found unresponsive inside a hot car on Tuesday, say local reports.

The grim discovery was made outside a home in Coram, Suffolk County, after authorities say they found the child inside an SUV with its windows closed.

Investigators say, the mother returned home after running errands with three of her children in her vehicle. She later realized that the 11-year-old had been left the in family SUV.

The girl’s mom pulled her out of the SUV and started CPR, but it was too late. EMS took the girl to the hospital where she later passed away.

“The call was for a young child that was left in a car, her lips were turning blue,” Detective Lieutenant Kevin Breyer of the Suffolk County Police Department said. “The call came in from the victim’s mother.” Continue reading

VIDEO: TX Uber Driver “Shot In Back” After Robbed In Houston Mission Bend Suburb

A video has emerged purportedly showing the suspects in the carjacking and shooting of an Uber driver in Ft. Bend County late Monday.

Deputies say the Uber driver was robbed before the suspects callously shot him in the back in 7800 block of Soledad in the Mission Bend area.

Three suspects then fled the scene in a black 2014 Dodge Dart. The Dart was caught on video near the crime scene.

According to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened just before 7 p.m. in the 7800 block of Soledad in the Mission Bend area. Deputies say the driver was robbed and shot before the suspects took off in his vehicle. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound to his back. Continue reading

Who Is Reality Winner? And Why Is The Federal Contractor Facing Serious Charges?

Reality Winner is now being detained at a facility in Lincolnton, Georgia, her attorney said.

Who is Reality Winner? And why is she in the news? Read on..

— Winner is a federal contractor with top secret security clearance. She had been assigned to a US government agency facility in Georgia since February 13. Continue reading