Do You Hear YANNY OR LAUREL? Viral Video That Started it all RIGHT HERE!

Like a dress that’s either gold and white or blue and black, the two seemingly unrelated words “Yanny” and “Laurel” are threatening to split the internet in half.

On Tuesday, Cloe Feldman, a social media influencer and vlogger, posted a seemingly obvious question on her Instagram story, which she then cross-posted to Twitter: “What do you hear? Yanny or Laurel,” accompanied by a recording of a computerized voice that is clearly saying “Laurel.”

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UPROAR After Sochi Coaches Don MONKEY MASKS

Coaches Scotty Veenis of the United States and Rewk Patton of Canada say they were only trying to have a little fun by wearing chimpanzee masks and lounging in the trees. No word on whether or not they did any vine swinging..
APTOPIX Sochi Olympics Alpine Skiing Men

The pair perched in a tree to get a good view of the Sochi Olympic men’s super-combined downhill, but that does not explain the masks. Continue reading

Eminem has the number one record in the country

Eminem is tough.

Eminem is tough.

If you talk some smack about Nick Cannon’s wife or Kim Kardashian, you will sell 608,000 records in one week. That was at least one of the controversial techniques Eminem used in promoting his new record “Relapse”. The first new release from the multiplatinum rapper in 4 years successfully knocked Green Day out of the top position and cemented his place at the top of the charts. Bad publicity is still publicity and though he may have many critics/haters waiting in the wings for his fall, Mr. Mathers is still able to sell his own brand of teen and/or wife angst to the masses. Kudos to you Slim Shady.