Hillary Clinton DISMAL HARD CHOICES 2 Star Rating On Amazon

Hillary Clinton‘s new book, Hard Choices, is hardly making a splash in the literary world.

The reader reviews have squarely panned the book leaving it with a paltry 2 star rating on Amazon.

hillary clinton hard choices reviews amazon

Amazon’s The most helpful critical review:

My sister lent me this extremely long book. The cover of the book shows a photo that must have been taken many years ago, when Mrs. Clinton was much younger. Continue reading

Katy Perry Offers To Write Hillary Clinton THEME SONG

ABC’s Good Morning America crew fawned over Katy Perry showing up for a photo-op at Hillary Clinton‘s “Hard Choices,” book signing.. Saying the “Dark Horse” singer even offered to write a Hillary theme song.

Good Morning America:


SARA HAINES: And a major case of girl power at Hillary Clinton’s latest book signing. Look who stopped by the reception before her event in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Quized Paul Ryan At Event About Concussions

Well played former first lady, well played.. It was Hillary Clinton herself who data mined a naive Paul Ryan at a shared event last year, on the topic of whether or not he had ever had any concussions.. And that’s when Ryan spilled his guts.

Ryan bragged about his medical history to the lady across the aisle, and then Hillary used the head banging information to her advantage.

hillary clinton paul ryan concussions

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