Phoenix Security Guard Arrested After Opens Fire On DES Client Who “Raised Voice”

Mahmood Almuwali has been named as the Tucson, Arizona security guard involved in a shooting at the Department of Economic Safety Thursday afternoon.

Almuwali, 30, was arrested Friday for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and discharging a firearm within the city limits after he opened fire on a DES client he had just escorted out of the building.

Tucson Police say, Almuwali, (or Al Muwali,) escorted a man out of the building located near N Alvernon & E 2nd St, Phoenix, after the man “raised his voice” to a staff member. Continue reading

Several Detained By TX Cops Accused Of “Sacrificing Animals” In San Antonio Garage

Several people were detained at a San Antonio residence after witnesses reported seeing the individuals sacrificing animals in the garage of the home, Texas police say.

Deputies were dispatched to a home in the 11400 Bronze Sand, San Antonio, TX 78253, on Friday evening for an animal cruelty call, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said.

Neighbors said they saw several people in the garage sacrificing animals with knives, BCSO said.

When deputies arrived, they said they saw dead chickens, goats and other animals in the garage. Continue reading

WATCH: Elderly Woman Enters Busy Memphis Interstate Riding Mobility Scooter

A viral video on social media Friday showed the moment an elderly woman merged onto a busy freeway while traveling on a mobility scooter, complete with oxygen tank.

A woman who appears to be in her 70s-80s was seen driving a mobility scooter onto a dangerous Memphis highway Friday evening around 7 p.m. The terrifying incident was filmed live for Facebook.

The video was being filmed as a cry for help. The Facebook user, Towanna Murphy, asked her followers to please share the information with police as she followed the woman onto Interstate-240. “Whoever is watching this video, please call 9-1-1, so we can get this lady where she’s going,” said Murphy. Continue reading

IN Man Shot Dead While Attending Indianapolis Funeral At Stuart Mortuary

An unidentified Indiana man was shot and killed Friday afternoon while outside a northside funeral home.

Police confirm the unidentified victim was killed outside while attending a funeral at the Stuart Mortuary at located at 2201 N Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46208.

Police confirmed that a funeral was going on inside.

Police could not immediately confirm if the suspect targeted the area because the funeral was going on inside. Continue reading

Payson Father Kevin Miller Named As Utah Man Killed In I-15 Spanish Fork Rollover Crash

Kevin Miller has been named as the Payson man killed in a crash on Interstate 15 Friday morning in Spanish Fork.

Miller, 50, was traveling northbound on I-15 when he lost control of his pickup truck, struck the median, and went over the median cable. The pickup rolled at least once and came to rest in the center southbound lane of I-15, according to the Utah Highway Patrol.

A semi-trailer truck driving southbound was unable to stop in time and struck the pickup broadside, according to UHP, pushing it to the south. Continue reading

Virginia Mother Of 6 Grandma To 2 Killed Over Facebook Post

Jennifer Bartell, a wife and mother to six, and grandmother to two, was shot dead over a post she created on Facebook. Now four people are under arrest in connection to the murder.

Police detectives said Bartell, 39, of Portsmouth, died Wednesday afternoon after a shooting in Cradock. Virginia Detectives said her death was a result of arguments over a social media post.

Emergency dispatchers received a call about the incident in the 70 block of Cushing St. at 12:46 p.m.

Bartell was shot in the torso pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The family has gathered at the crime scene. They say the woman leaves behind a husband, six children and two grandchildren. Continue reading

MI Parents Offer $10K Reward For Info On Missing Cadillac Daughter 15 “In Danger”

Michigan father, Luke Scanlon, says he and his wife are offering up $10,000 to anyone who can provide them information on the whereabouts of their missing 15-year-old daughter, Leah Scanlon.

Leah was last seen around noon Wednesday near Leeson Avenue in Cadillac wearing a gray North Face jacket and black Nike high tops.

She’s described as 5-foot 8-inches tall about 150 pounds with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

According to Leah’s father, she is believed to be in danger. Continue reading

SC Arrest: While Kids Marched High School Janitor Cleaned Cash From Backpacks

Aisha Evans, a custodian at Richland Northeast High School, was arrested after being accused of stealing property and cash from student’s backpacks while they were participating in the gun control walkout Wednesday.

Evans, 32, who worked as a janitor at the school, entered a classroom while students were outside and riffled through several of their book bags, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department said. In all, Evans stole $180, the department said.

The Service Solutions employee was arrested soon afterward and charged with three counts of petty larceny.

Service Solutions is an agency that provides custodial services to the district’s school. Continue reading

FL Student In Crushed SUV Emerges Unscathed Following Bridge Collapse Driver Missing

Richie Humble, a Florida college student who survived Thursday’s bridge collapse near the Florida International University campus, is speaking out about the horrifying moment the structure fell and crushed the vehicle he was riding in.

Humble, a sophomore at the school, says he was being driven back from an appointment by his friend, Alexa Duran, when the structure fell.

‘We were parked at a red light and I started to hear the bridge creak, so I look up and I saw the bridge falling on top of us. Continue reading

CA Family Grief-Stricken After Man Killed By Boulder Purposely Dropped Off Pasadena Overpass

Christopher Lopez was traveling in a vehicle with his wife, Guadalupe Gutierrez, when he was killed after a boulder smashed through the windshield of their car.

Lopez, 23, was riding in with his family in Pasadena, CA., Tuesday, and authorities are seeking a suspect who may have dropped the deadly object on purpose.

According to the California Highway Patrol, 21-year-old Guadalupe Gutierrez and her husband, Christopher Lopez, 23, were in their Toyota Corolla on the 134 Freeway and were passing under Orange Grove Boulevard in the westbound carpool lane when the 35-pound boulder hurtled through the car’s front windshield. Continue reading