VIDEO: Casey Anthony Speaks ‘I Live Free Off The Kindness Of Others’

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“I guess you could say I’m living free off the kindness of others,” Says Casey Anthony at a bankruptcy hearing in Tampa Fl. So you are “living,” “free” and people are actually “kind” to you? Hmmm…


Anthony, now 26, was released from in July 2011 but since then dropped out of sight.


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Dressed in a white short-sleeve top, a black skirt and black heels, she emerged from a expensive sport utility vehicle amid a gaggle of photographers and reporters.

Anthony said all of the “unsolicited” money, gift cards and donations were sent to her attorneys, who then pass them along to her. She added that her criminal attorney, Jose Baez, has given her about $3,400 in cash “to help with my living expenses.” She refused to disclose who pays for her cell phone, with one of her attorneys saying that it was due to “safety and security concerns.” Anthony filed for bankruptcy in January, claiming about $1,000 in assets and $792,000 in liabilities. Anthony insisted that she has not spoken to any agent or media organization. Shuker said afterward that he questioned whether she was telling the truth. “From the smell test, it didn’t smell right,” he said. “Any time you see an attorney in what’s supposed to be a no asset case being that active, more to the point, you had five attorneys there, allegedly none of them being paid, that’s odd.”

Anthony’s listed debts include $500,000 for attorney fees and costs for Baez, her criminal defense lawyer during the trial; $145,660 for the Orange County Sheriff’s office for investigative fees and costs; $68,540 for the Internal Revenue Service for taxes, interest and penalties; and $61,505 for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for court costs.

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