Did ‘LIVE’ Beyonce Super Bowl Performance ‘SKIP?’ (video)

THECOUNT.COM "News You Can Count On!" - February 4, 2013


Things might be getting a lot more embarrassing for Beyoncé as a crafty YouTube viewers detected a “glitch” or “skip” in the singer’s playback during her Super Bowl Half-Time performance! Indicating you guessed it! Backing tracks! And plenty of lip-synching! Something Beyoncé promised there would be none of!

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 7.19.49 PM

I queued up the video for you guys right before the glitch happens SO listen carefully and you may have to listen back a few times, but it definitely skips! It happens at exactly 1:35.


If you’re wondering, I listened to a bunch of YouTube videos of the same exact part and the glitch happens on every single one.


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