FAMILY SUES TV SHOW: You Used Our DEAD Relative’s Autopsy Photo

A mother and daughter are suing producers of canceled TV show, Southland, after they claim an autopsy photo in the show’s opening montage is one of their dead relative.

The family is claiming the production violated their privacy and has caused them physical and emotional pain.


Hilda Abarca and Jessica Abarca filed a lawsuit against producers charging an autopsy photo of their son/brother who was murdered without their consent.

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George Clooney Back on Ellen Friday?

People can’t get enough of George Clooney!!! He was all the rage just this Monday with his big appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen had planned out her “Clooney is Mine in 09′!” capture on the Warner Bros. lot, and caught him!

George is back on the Warner Bros. lot today and tomorrow to do some filming for the show that made him famous: ER! Yes, he will be back on theNBC show “ER” playing Dr. Doug Ross. NBC could sure use the ratings! Is Clooney stepping out of the movies for a while and going back to TV? Is TV more profitable for Clooney than movies?

No sign of him on the Ellen show today, but maybe he’ll take a break from filming ER and make a little appearance again tomorrow??