Avatar Makes Over 1 Billion Worldwide!

avatar poster 200x300 Avatar Makes Over 1 Billion Worldwide!

We knew it! When we dished out the money to see Avatar at the theater, and see it in 3-D, we knew it was going huge! ‘HUGE’ like over 1 Billion $$$ made in ticket sales HUGE.

Congratulations to  James Cameron and the gamblers for betting 300 Million-something dollars on making the film, and getting a hefty return on the deal!

Winning the titles “2nd biggest movie ever in North America” and “5th highest gross film worldwide”, I’d say James Cameron and the gamblers are waking up with big smiles every day :)

Avatar in 3D was truly a mind-blowing experience. See it in 3-D asap!

Ridley Scott to Direct New Alien Movie

Who could forget the part of the movie when the alien pops out of the poor bastards chest? Maybe you didn’t see the movie when it debuted in 1979 but chances are you’ve seen it since. Now get ready for another installment of “Alien.”

This time around we get back Ridley Scott, one of today’s finest directors and the director of the first “Alien” movie.

Dubbed a prequel, this will be a must see, if you’re into the whole gross out, alien, omg movie moments.

A Pre-Ghostbusting, Sigourney Weaver, has already stepped out to a media outlet that she doesn’t think she’ll be reprising the role of “Ripley,” saying, “I don’t see how Ripley could be part of a prequel,” while praising Ridley, “ I’m glad Ridley’s connected to it because I know it will be classy.”