MTV “Rob and Big” Star Rob Dyrdek Gets Hitched!

MTV star, Rob Dyrdek done got hitched! Marrying his fiancée Bryiana Noelle Flores Saturday evening.

The professional skateboarder and star of MTV’s Rob and Big, Ridiculousness and now, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, Dyrdek is said to have tied the knot after a whirlwind romance.

Rob Dyrdek Noelle Flores

“You’re the reason I believe in love. And you’re the answer to my prayers from up above,” Flores wrote on Instagram one day before the wedding. Continue reading

Dude Turns Down $25K, Vacation, Rolex, For Twitter Name @Rob

The dude who owns Twitter handle “@rob” may only have about 1,400 Twitter followers but that’s enough for him to have said pasadena to selling the moniker for $25,000, a vacation and a Rolex — to MTV personality, Rob Dyrdek.

Dyrdek wants so badly to acquire the Twitter name @rob (his current name is a stinker @robdyrdek) that he desperately tweeted the guy who currently owns it, offering up some sweet incentives to sell —

“@rob Do you have any interest in selling your twitter name?”

Then added,

“You need a vacation? Maybe a nice watch?”

But the dude must be living large And living in his own world (while enjoying a little bit of sudden attention) because he just batted back a counter-offer — in the SIX FIGURES, stating:

“It wouldn’t be worth my time to rebuild all of my profiles that are linked to my twitter handle.”

So is this @Rob dude “legendary” or “lame-ndary” for not selling his Twitter name to the other Rob?