Time Flies.. Prince Jackson Graduates From High School

Michael Jackson‘s firstborn son, Prince, has officially graduated from high school.

The family gathered to celebrate the milestone at grandpa, Joe Jackson‘s house in Encino. It was a small gathering of about 35 people comprised of grandma Katherine, Prince’s aunts, uncles and cousins.


The party was catered, but just typical party food … nothing too fancy … especially considering how filthy rich the guest of honor is. Continue reading

Is Paris Jackson PREGNANT at 16?

Michael Jackson’s 16-year-old daughter Paris is said to be sporting what looks like a prominent baby bump.

The news comes after the famous offspring was spotted looking at engagement rings with her boyfriend.

paris j

A source was quoted saying: “I saw her at dinner and she twice made a toast drinking water instead of wine. That and the prominent stomach bulge got people talking.” Continue reading

CNN CLOSE CALL As Nearby Gaza Building BOMBED Live On-Air

CNN correspondent, Karl Penhaul, while delivering a live report from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday had to duck and cover after a blast from Israeli shelling of Gaza City struck a nearby building.

After the strike, smoke could be seen coming from the building.

Karl Penhaul building bombing Gaza Strip 2

The camera stayed trained on the blast, and viewers saw white smoke rise from the explosion site. After Penhaul ducked out of the shot and away from a window, CNN anchor Poppy Harlow explained what was happening. Continue reading


Firstly, this princess chick bothers me.. She seems to think she’s all that and a bag of pan-fried grasshoppers.. And why in heck is Prince Jackson ALWAYS pictured walking two or three steps BEHIND her highness? He looks like a big dumb puppy in love trying to catch up to his master. From what I hear, Paris is not supportive (understatement alert) when it comes to this relationship, saying privately, “He’s tied around her little finger.” I guess it was all too much for Paris to take because after she fought with her brother over this, she almost killed herself and certainly tried..

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Check out this scary wrist marks on Paris Jackson snap just this year, matter-of-fact in April! Could it be scarring as a result of Paris being a “carver,” you know one of those kids that injures themselves with a razor but not enough to do any real damage. I guess they just like the pain? I don’t know, but this subject totally freaks me out. Now it’s being reported that MJ’s daughter use a meat cleaver and left a suicide note.

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REPORT: Paris Jackson Slashed Wrist

Paris Jackson may have actually cut her own wrist or wrists multiple times in a real attempt to kill herself! Scott Miller of the Los Angeles County Fire Department tells People Magazine that paramedics responded to a 911 call at 1.27am ‘regarding a possible overdose’ while TMZ reports a source as saying the teenager had cut herself multiple times on one of her wrists. I guess if I had to choose one over the other, as fas as one being better than the other I would say I hope its pills! But if she cut herself.. Wow! Very scary!

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Paris Jackson Pictured With Her Mom For The First Time Ever

Paris Jackson pictured meeting with her mother, Debbie Rowe for the very first time, on her 15th birthday.. For some reason this picture conjurers of some very heart-wrenching emotions, mostly due to my familiarity with Michael Jackson‘s tainted childhood.. Here we see his daughter meeting her mom and it’s kind of a big deal.. But it is a big deal because she has never been picture with her mother before today.. How many of us out there can say it’s that it’s big of a deal when we meet up with our mom?


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Surreal Video: Paris Jackson High School Cheer Debut

Introducing Paris Jackson – high school cheerleader… This video seems kind of strange and it’s not that the “cheering” is very low energy, or that anything weird happens in particular or that the subject matter in general is strange, I’m not sure exactly what it is that’s wonky – but wait – could it be? Could all this weirdness be coming from the fact that one of these young cheerleaders is the daughter of Michael Fricken Jackson? Um okay, yeah that’s it… Continue reading