Who Is Philip Manshaus? And Did Bærum Mosque Members Really ‘Take Him Down?’

BAERUM, SWEDEN. (THECOUNT ) — Philip Manshaus has been identified as the suspect in a terror attack on a mosque in Baerum, Norway, near Oslo. The attack wounded one person, according to local reports.

Manshaus, 21, was taken down by mosque members before anyone else was shot, according to police.

Manshaus is also suspected in the murder of his 17-year-old stepsister prior to the Baerum mosque shooting, police said.

The 21-year-old posted on an anonymous online message board with a link to his Facebook profile before the attack, and referenced other shootings carried out by far-right attackers.

Manshaus tried to inspire others to continue the “race war,” and attempted to post a link to a Facebook livestream of the attack, but the video failed to work. Police said Manshaus had previously shared “far-right” and “anti-immigrant” views, reports Heavy.

There were only three elder members of the Al-Noor Islamic Center in Baerum inside the building when the attack occurred. The victim wounded in the shooting was 65. He is expected to survive. The three men inside the mosque were preparing for Sunday’s Eid-al-Adha celebration. About a dozen people had been praying inside the mosque about 10 minutes before Manshaus arrived, but most had left before the attack began, according to CNN International.


Geo quick facts: Bærum is a municipality in Akershus County, Norway. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Sandvika. Bærum was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838. A suburb of Oslo, Bærum is located on the west coast of the city – Wikipedia.

Casey Kasem Finally Buried – His Kids Not Invited

Casey Kasem was finally buried – 6 months after he died.

The legendary countdown DJ was buried last Tuesday at the Vestre Gravlund, one of the largest cemeteries in Norway. It brings to close a sad chapter of Kasem’s legacy after a postmortem power struggle between Casey’s wife, Jean, and his children.

casey jean Kasem

The body has been rotting away for months — for a long period of time it wasn’t even embalmed. Continue reading

Caught On Video: UFO Trailing Skydiver

Skydiver captures strange rock-like object whizzing past him soon after he deployed his parachute. The search for the UFO on the ground continues.

A skydiver in Norway captured GoPro video of what is being called a “meteorite” shooting past him soon after he deployed his parachute, but many are questioning the “meteor” theory, mainly because the object should have been on fire..


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Canada Prints Wrong Maple Leaf On New Bills

The Bank of Canada may have a cool new-fangled plastic banknote, but spot-checkers missed one very important foliage fact. Instead of using the beloved sugar maple leaf, the bills are emblazoned with Norway’s version, say botanists.
The sugar maple, appearing on Canada’s cherished national flag, was accidentally left off the new currency, and the Norway maple set in its place.

The not-so-sweet maple leaf makes its dubious debute on Canada’s new $20, $50 and $100 bills.

“The maple leaf (on the currency) is the wrong species,” said Sean Blaney, a botanist for the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Center in New Brunswick.


Apparently, the Norway maple has more spines or lobes and has a more pronounced and pointed outline than the sugar maple, and the lobe that rises in the center is shorter than the sugar maple.

The Norway maple is no stranger to Canada, after being imported from Europe it is probably the most popular tree along streets in central and eastern Canada.

“It has naturalized to Canada,” Blaney said. But it’s not the grand sugar maple.

The BOC has made no immediate plans to commission designers to correct the banknotes.

The costly mistake comes on the heels of another faux pas back in August when Bank officials were forced to apologize after they replaced the picture of an Asian man on its new C$100 banknote with a woman who looked more Caucasian.

FIRST TIME EVER: USA Falls OUT Of Top 10 Most Prosperous Countries

The following Global index is based on eight categories: economy, education, entrepreneurship & opportunity, governance, health, personal freedom, safety & security and social capital. It is the first time ever the US is not in the top 10.

THE PROSPERITY INDEX kicks USA to the top 10 curb…

TOP 25

1 – Norway
2 – Denmark
3 – Sweden
4 – Australia
5 – New Zealand
6 – Canada
7 – Finland
8 – Netherlands
9 – Switzerland
10 – Ireland
11 – Luxembourg
12 – U.S.
13 – UK
14 – Germany
15 – Iceland
16 – Austria
17 – Belgium
18 – Hong Kong
19 – Singapore
20 – Taiwan
21 – France
22 – Japan
23 – Spain
24 – Slovenia
25 – Malta