Floyd Mayweather Places $5.9M NBA BET! WINS!

Floyd Mayweather bet a staggering $5.9 million on last night’s Miami Heat winning game.. And like in boxing, he won big, clearing a cool $6.49 million profit.


Boxing extraordinaire Mayweather – the highest earning athlete in the world – put down the bet on Game 7 between the Indiana Pacers and the Heat, Vegas Gambling Steam tweeted before the game. LeBron James’ team were a seven-point favorite against the Pacers, and luckily for Mayweather, the team ended up destroying their rivals 99-76, doubling the sports star’s money.

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Lil Wayne ‘All Access Pass To Life’ Revoked

Poor Lil Wayne… The rapper has a huge ego but zero illuminati pride and gratitude! The bosses have ways of dealing with this type insubordinate… In Wayne’s case they seem to be implementing the self-destruct program. Weezy may not have fully comprehended it yet as he continues to learn the hard way, getting tossed out of the Lakers Heat game and then showing up at the NBA All-Star weekend only to find himself and his entourage banned and starkly ostracized.


Conspiracy types say that this is the first indication a star has in-fact been demoted. A similar occurrence happened earlier this week with Rhianna sustaining some injuries… Blood was drawn and the singer relapsed into a regular human.Rihanna’s brothers Rorrey & Rajad.

I know this stuff all seems crazy but the more I cover it the more I feel there may be a bigger force controlling the celebs, think of it as a puppet master pulling strings, “pull the string, pull the string!”

Hey! Be proud of me! At least I didn’t drag Mindy McCready into this mess!