Stephen Potts ID’d As Suspect In Friday Conway AR Post Office Shooting “Armed Robbery”

CONWAY, AR. (THECOUNT) — Stephen Potts has been identified by the Conway Police was the suspect arrested after allegedly opening fire inside a Conway, AR, post office Saturday afternoon.

Conway PD identified Potts , 46, as the man arrested in what authorities say was an attempted armed robbery.

Police told our reporter it appears this was an armed robbery. A spokesperson with the U.S. Postal Inspector Service would not confirm or deny that on the phone Saturday afternoon. Continue reading

So Hulk Hogan Was A Gigolo?

So Gawker releases this video tape clearly showing Hulk Hogan having sex with an unidentified woman. Most of us internet adults have probally seen something like it in the past, maybe minus the huge bald head constantly in frame. What you do not see everyday is just how this all appeared to go down.

A man walks the Hulkster into a dimly lit room room, where a woman lays in wait, naked on the bed. The man then departs the pending love making session saying, “I’ll be in my office” Um okay… Then Hogan precedes to bone the woman down, that is after he receives a cell call which is playing his daughter’s music as the ringtone…

I guess I am trying to think of a senario where a man walks another man over to a naked woman and then leaves the room. So maybe hubby video tapes the indiscretion and then, you know, does something? Did the man pay Hogan to bonk his wifey? Or maybe worse, did the Hulk do it as a favor? I dunno, it is all so weirdness… Interested in what you think.