Miley Cyrus ”Wrecking Ball” Video 41 MILLION VIEWS IN 36 HOURS

Holy smokes! Miley CyrusWrecking Ball youtube music video has garnered over 42 million hits in the past 36 hours! That’s some HUGE numbers, and most of those numbers are from teenage boys who surely have this video on loop. Interesting how YouTube bans other much tamer videos. This one should be ban based on the simple fact it is almost as annoying as the Achy Breaky Heart craze back in the day.

wrecking ball

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Kelly Osbourne Tweets Saggy Pants Support ‘Cleavage Is Legal Why Not Butt Crack?’

Kelly Osbourne, the same woman who is supposed to have fashion smarts, yet does not know when to turn over during a suntanning session, is now setting her sights a bit lower, about waist high that is..

Kelly has spoken out against the horrors of inequality, concerning sexism.. For those – who wear – saggy pants! HUH?


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