WATCH: Grandpa 77 DESTROYS Teens In PUSHUP Contest!

Check out this 77-year-old Russian war veteran beating the pants off a bunch of youngsters in a push up competition!

In this video posted the video on YouTube, the elderly fellow schools the teens, proving he is still fit to serve while leaving the kids fit to be tied..

77 year old vet beats teens pushup contest

Old dude hardly breaks a sweat! And he would have kept going if if were not for members of his entourage stepping in and calling the match! VICTORY! AARP style!
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Kanye West: Performing On Stage As Dangerous As Going To WAR

Kanye West has amassed himself with other celebrities who have a bad habit of comparing performing to that of being a police officer or even a soldier fighting in a war like Afghanistan.

West arrogantly compared his singing duties to that of a soldier fighting in a war or a police officers’ dangerous tasks.


The rapper’s latest comments are even more outrageous, as he compared the danger of performing on stage to a soldier in battle.“I’m putting my life at risk, literally!”  Continue reading

Pawn Stars Pawning Former First Lady’s Tiara

The McKinley Presidential Library and Museum in northeast Ohio is hurriedly fundraising in hopes of buying a tiara that once belonged to President William McKinley’s wife.

Saxton McKinley tiara

The Akron Beacon Journal reports that the owners of Ida McKinley’s diamond-accented headpiece recently sold it to the Las Vegas pawn shop featured in the History Channel show “Pawn Stars.”

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Radio Host Mark Levin Interviews Pawn Stars Rick Harrison

If you’re a fan of Pawn Stars on the History Channel then you’ll love this interview. I’ve been a fan since the inception of the show and while I don’t catch it every Thursday night, I’ve been known to sit in front of the TV for hours on weekends watching marathons of Pawn Stars. And Rick Harrison is quite impressive as a host of the show and a person off the show.


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