Danica Patrick Devastated After ROOKIE MISTAKE Eliminates Racecar!

OMG! Danica Patrick was forced to run her backup car at Daytona because of a rookie mistake! Patrick thought she had a blown engine Saturday so she pulled the car into the garage instead of letter her crew analyze the vehicle! Moments later the car war running fine and Patrick was literally reduced to tears!


But shortly after Patrick did an interview with ESPN, her crew fired up the car, shut it off and fired it up again.

The engine, it seemed, was running just fine.

A look of horror came over Patrick’s face. Stunned, she walked alone to the corner of the garage and put her hands on her temples, back facing the car.

Was the problem fixable after all? Could she simply have fixed the issue on pit road or switched to the backup ignition?

Suddenly, she seemed to be on the verge of tears. She bent over, hands on her knees and stared at the ground. Source.

Poor Danica! The car may have been able to return to the track! But maybe with that huge crash she might consider herself lucky!

HUGE Daytona Car Crash! (Video)

Daytona, FL during the Nationwide series race, Kyle Larson’s Chevrolet went airborne and went crashing into the protective fence. He was involved in a twelve car wreck where his tire and engine went into the catch-fence.larson-crash-4_3_r536_c534

According to ESPN, Sergeant John Creamer of the Daytona Beach Police said 15 fans were injured. Eleven were sent to Halifax Medical Center, with one on the way to surgery with head trauma and listed in critical condition. Four fans were transported to Florida Memorial Hospital with minor injuries, and they are expected to be treated and released.

You can watch the horrific crash here:

Let’s send our prayers for those who’ve gotten hurt from this event.

Danica Patrick Pole Postion! Daytona’s Fastest Lap 196.220 mph

Take that testosterone! Danica Patrick, you know her as Go Daddy‘s sexy brunette, millionaire, race car driver – scored the fastest lap at Daytona, exhilarating to a whopping 196.220 mph. Patrick was the eighth driver to make a qualifying attempt in Sunday’s session.


Patrick’s team brought a different car than she drove in a test last month after this model showed better aerodynamic results in the wind tunnel.

“It would be really nice,” she said. “It’s a very big pole for attention. Other races you’d feel as a driver more pleased to get, but this is a team effort.”

xxx-daytona-track-graphic-3_4_rx340A pole position at Daytona is nothing new for Patrick, who qualified first for last year’s season-opening Nationwide race at the 2.5-mile oval. But opening her first full season in Sprint Cup with her first pole in NASCAR’s premier series would be a coup. Source.

ALERT: Daytona Beach FL Another Possible Zombie Attack!

I’ve been searching day and night for suspicious deaths occurring in and around the area of the Miami face-eater incident…

Daytona Beach, Florida. — A homeless man found dead in the woods on Saturday apparently died from a ruptured spleen and the case has been ruled a homicide, according to Daytona Beach police.

Anthony Michael Shaw, 36, of Daytona Beach, was found dead by a woman claiming to be his girlfriend, according to a report. Police conducted a search for the man and located him on the ground with the upper part of his body in a tent. The lower-left portion his chest had been ripped open and his spleen dislodged.

The body was found near a homeless camp in a wooded area of Daytona Beach.

Officials are being tight-lipped about exactly how the man died — but his injuries are consistant with the killer having dug into the man’s body without the use of a weapon and shockingly there was little blood except for some that had been deposited on a wadded-up Kleenex.

Officials refuse to give an explanation as to the cause of death, which is weird considering it’s a homicide. You would think they’d be after all the info they could get their hands on… But no…

An autopsy is expected to be completed soon.