I’ve been searching day and night for suspicious deaths occurring in and around the area of the Miami face-eater incident…

Daytona Beach, Florida. — A homeless man found dead in the woods on Saturday apparently died from a ruptured spleen and the case has been ruled a homicide, according to Daytona Beach police.


Anthony Michael Shaw, 36, of Daytona Beach, was found dead by a woman claiming to be his girlfriend, according to a report. Police conducted a search for the man and located him on the ground with the upper part of his body in a tent. The lower-left portion his chest had been ripped open and his spleen dislodged.

The body was found near a homeless camp in a wooded area of Daytona Beach.

Officials are being tight-lipped about exactly how the man died — but his injuries are consistant with the killer having dug into the man’s body without the use of a weapon and shockingly there was little blood except for some that had been deposited on a wadded-up Kleenex.

Officials refuse to give an explanation as to the cause of death, which is weird considering it’s a homicide. You would think they’d be after all the info they could get their hands on… But no…

An autopsy is expected to be completed soon.