Cher Selling Awards On eBay

(TEXT FROM AUCTION) FROM CHER’S PRIVATE COLLECTION TO YOURS!! Obtained directly from legendary award winning [sic] supterstar Cher!

A very unique item from Cher’s own personal collection! This engraved plaque and brass key to the city of Adelaide Australia was presented to Cher in November 1990.

Includes original box Hand-written sticky note on box: “Mementos” A one-of-a-kind collectible for Cher fans!
Picked up directly from her Malibu home! Good Luck! Includes Certificate of Authenticity!!

Taylor Swift Turns 22- Will Her Music Mature Too?

Taylor Swift turns 22 years old today, and it’s safe to say that she’s had an amazing and unforgettable career since the last few years.

Swift prides herself on her original lyrics, and she’s quite thankful that her record label allows this sort of freedom.

Swift has been singing about her curiosity of love, experiencing her first love, experiencing heartbreak, and now that she’s 22, will her lyrics and music mature too?

Swift is very likable, commercial, relatable and some would say she’s a G-rated artist, but how long will that last? She could produce this kind of music forever, or she could pull a Madonna or Cher on her fans, and try something new. Will she break her boundaries and branch out into new territories? Or will Swift keep her swift and gentle sound?

Miley Cyrus Chille Concert Wardrobe Mishap

Is Miley taking fashion advice from Cher? or is itCarman Electra? either way it’s totally tight and over the top! Yay?  okay maybe yawn.

Miley has had some issues finding her druthers this tour around making strange wardrobe and song choices like just the other night when she performing Nervina’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

What do you think, do you like the dress/ leotard?

Cher Vs. Roseanne

Ill kill you, Roseanne!

“I’ll kill you, Roseanne!”

Roseanne vs. Cher, the battle of the one-named celebrities!  The famous comedian has gotten under the skin of the singer by insulting Chaz Bono(originally Chastity Bono), Cher’s son who is in the process of becoming a man after forty years of being a woman.

Roseanne joked about the situation on her website, with videos depicting the life of Chaz and Cher in the vein of a silly 90’s sitcom.  The video’s opening theme song played to these lyrics: “One’s in sequins, the others in jeans/One hangs with dykes, the other with queens.”

Cher didn’t take too kindly to the videos and a spokesperson replied with a simple “That’s so not funny.”

Maybe Cher will challenge Roseanne to an epic battle in the streets of New York or something.  Or perhaps, being a songwriter, Cher can hit back with a little song of her own.  Whatever happens, just don’t stop ladies.  I love when celebrities duke it out over the internet.