Amanda Bynes SECRET AUDIO: I Want To Slit My Dad’s Throat

Amanda Bynes is a very, very sick lady who needs more than help, she need a padded cell, and STAT before she hurts herself or someone else, in this case, her father.

In the sad world of Hollywood friends, Amanda’s recent roomie, secretly recorded the troubled actress as they drove around Hollywood. Among other things, Amanda says that she would get “great pleasure” out of slitting her dad’s throat..


The audio was recorded a week ago by one of Amanda’s West Hollywood roommates as they drove. Continue reading

Amanda Bynes Changes Her Look AGAIN!

Here we see Amanda Bynes in her new, new look! The troubled actress is suddenly donning golden locks (extensions,) a huge gold LV purse and a $30,000 diamond encrusted gold ladies Presidential Rolex.. I have no idea where this drugged up bithc gets her spening cash, that is, unless she actually managed to save some of the green stuff from her days back on the “Amanda show.” Some say she is secretly escorting in NYC..

Amanda Bynes in NYC 06 560x631 Amanda Bynes Changes Her Look AGAIN!

Amanda Bynes Is Now A Dancer?

Some are calling this Amanda Bynesnew look” but I am calling her out on becoming a Skripper! You heard right! I said skripper! But seriously what is up with her face? She looks totally different then the days when she was stomping around Studio City…

amanda bynes makeover twitpic 5 Amanda Bynes Is Now A Stripper?

It’s not that she looks bad, she’s just so different! If Amanda hadn’t been the one posting this, we probably wouldn’t have known who it was.

amanda bynes makeover twitpic 1 oPt Amanda Bynes Is Now A Stripper?What’s important is that she isn’t harming herself or anyone else, and makeovers are pretty innocent.

Okay! What ever you say Perez! lol.