Madonna MELTING DOWN On Instagram Right Now #UnApologeticBitch

Madonna is taking to Instagram to express herself and it’s equating to utter disgust over the leak that let the air out of a huge new bag of songs that were supposed to be part of her album, Rebel Heart, dropping March, 2015.

Madge let it all hang out of the popular photo sharing website:

Madonna MELTING DOWN On Instagram 2

There are those who want to shut me up but they cannot! We still live in a world that discriminates against women. Continue reading

VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Claims To Be A Stoner

Miley Cyrus got a Bob Marley themed cake for her Birthday, and admitted to being a stoner…

Miley says in this video at her Birthday party at the Roosevelt Hotel, “You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f***in’ weed.”

Kelly Osbourne, with the bluish hair, standing right next to her, made a joke about Miley smoking Salvia out of a bong at her Birthday last year. She said, “I thought salvia was your problem.”

According to comments on the video, her fans say that the Marley cake was a joke and so was Miley’s comment about being a stoner.

Miley Cyrus Kiss Heard Around the World

Why oh why? Miley Cyrus goes off the deep end by pulling some serious tongue with another girl in her performance of “Can’t Be Tamed” on Britain’s Got Talent. Miley soon hit the web to maintain that she did “no such thing” however the proof is right there on video to live forever.

I must admit, there is nothing sexy about anything Cyrus is trying to pull off here. And taking into account Cyrus is only 17 years-old, we are not even really allowed to look at her in a sexual way, but one thing is for sure, Cyrus is, trying to sell herself like a two dollar hooker. Maybe it’s Cyrus’ stylist who should take some blame here. The neck feathers make Miley appear to have, well, no neck, and makes the rest of her body to come off stumpy and very unattractive in a strange beastly kind of way.

As for the kiss, that was nothing to write home about either, and let’s face it, it’s all really just a way for Cyrus to get mondo press and then predictably cry about how the press is so unfair in their portrayal of her, boohoo.
You watch it and let us know, hot or not?

Miley Cyrus No. 1 Fan Arrested

A man claiming to be Miley Cyrus’ No. 1 fan has been arrested.

Mark McLeod, 53, has been charged with stalking after he made several attempts to get close to Cyrus.

Mcleod was arrested last month for trying to reach Cyrus on a movie set, then released a day later due to jail overcrowding, Police were sharply criticized for his early departure.

McLeod told Police at the time he was arrested that he was secretly engaged to Cyrus, which seems to be the classic stalker theme.