Gruesome Details Emerge In Rapper’s Self Mutilation

More shocking details are emerging in the self mutilation suicide attempt by Rapper Andre Johnson.wutang

Turns out the musician enlisted the help of a serrated steak knife and starting at the tip — proceeded to carve out his entire genital area. Which is why doctors had no chance of saving his member.

The source told E!online that Johnson used a serrated steak knife to cut off his penis before jumping, adding that the rapper, who goes by the name Christ Bearer, cut off the tip of his Continue reading

Attempts To Reattach Rapper’s Penis Unsuccessful

Andre Johnson, the rapper who cut off his penis before jumping off the second-floor balcony of his North Hollywood apartment – has lost his member for good.wutang Attempts To Reattach Rappers Penis Unsuccessful

Johnson, who raps by the name Christ Bearer, was rushed into surgery in an attempt to save his severed penis, however that effort has failed, say doctors familiar with the situation.

The baffled neighbors said no one in the apartment was doing “any hard drugs that would cause him to do such a thing.”source

Neighbors told the website that Johnson managed to get back on his feet after taking the plunge from his balcony shortly before 1 a.m.

Johnny Palermo ˜Everybody Hates Chris’ Dies In North Hollywood Crash

Johnnie Palermo

This is one of those tragedies, that when you get the bad news, you instantly feel ashamed of sweating the little stuff.

Johnny Palermo who acted in many productions in his brief life, including “Everybody Hates Chris,” had passed in a car crash that occurred in North Hollywood, Calif., he was 27.

Johnnie’s Girlfriend was also killed in the accident and a brother was spared, however, he was seriously injured.

One of family has close ties to this situation¦  I will let them write about this, if they chose to do so.  Our most heartfelt condolences go out to his friends and family who are left behind.