Gruesome Details Emerge In Rapper’s Self Mutilation

More shocking details are emerging in the self mutilation suicide attempt by Rapper Andre Johnson.wutang

Turns out the musician enlisted the help of a serrated steak knife and starting at the tip — proceeded to carve out his entire genital area. Which is why doctors had no chance of saving his member.

The source told E!online that Johnson used a serrated steak knife to cut off his penis before jumping, adding that the rapper, who goes by the name Christ Bearer, cut off the tip of his Continue reading

Jennette McCurdy Speaks Out: I Sent Those Pictures To…

Jennette McCurdy says that we, as is every last person on the internet, were not supposed to see those sexy lingerie pics, but 1 person was authorized.. The actress stopped short of saying who that one lucky person is, or in this case, was.. Calling the leaker, “low.” Many think the photo offender was NBA star Andre Drummond.

Jennette McCurdy