Did Ariana Grande LEAK Jennette McCurdy Selfies?

Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are no longer BFF, not by a long shot, proof positive as McCurdy unfollowed Grande from Twitter today.


The Sam & Cat stars are involved in a behind-the-scenes feud leaving many to speculate on the uncoupling mystery.. And now details are starting to emerge in the form of inside sources who claim – McCurdy is convinced that it was in-fact Ariana who leaked the now infamous steamy selfies..

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Jennette McCurdy Speaks Out: I Sent Those Pictures To…

Jennette McCurdy says that we, as is every last person on the internet, were not supposed to see those sexy lingerie pics, but 1 person was authorized.. The actress stopped short of saying who that one lucky person is, or in this case, was.. Calling the leaker, “low.” Many think the photo offender was NBA star Andre Drummond.

Jennette McCurdy


Jennette McCurdy Photos Get Leaked

Jennette McCurdy caught posing in photos that were leaked from her phone onto the internet..

The photos came one day before Jennette publicly bashed her NBA star ex-boyfriend, Andre Drummond, for his “not great” kissing skills.Jennette-McCurdy--Personal-Lingerie-Photos--03

Drummond pursued her via social media in Summer 2013, using the “woman crush Wednesday” hashtag until finally Jennette agreed to a date, but it didn’t take long for her to realize it wasn’t going to work. Continue reading


Jennette McCurdy has officially lost WAY TOO MUCH WEIGHT! You may know her from Nickelodeon’s “iCarly,” but soon no one may know her, because she may disappear!


Jennette shared the scary-skinny photo above on Instagram today, and a lot of her fans are straight up freaked out! Voicing TONS of concern on social media over Jennette appearing “too skinny.”