Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are no longer BFF, not by a long shot, proof positive as McCurdy unfollowed Grande from Twitter today.



The Sam & Cat stars are involved in a behind-the-scenes feud leaving many to speculate on the uncoupling mystery.. And now details are starting to emerge in the form of inside sources who claim – McCurdy is convinced that it was in-fact Ariana who leaked the now infamous steamy selfies..

Some believe that leaked photos of McCurdy in her undies prompted Nickelodeon to considering cancelling the popular kid’s show, and that may be the case, but the big question still looms, who leaked those selfies?

According to Beauty World News, McCurdy decided to unfollow Grande on the micro-blogging site not too long ago. It’s never a good sign when co-stars break up on social media.

“McCurdy had been going through a difficult time in her personal life for the past six months and recently had to deal with the leak of racy photos, while Grande’s music career has taken off a big time,” an anonymous source explained.

The insider added, “She also fueled speculation about a rift with long-time best friend Grande by un-following Grande on social media and not joining her co-star at [the awards, where creator Dan] Schneider receiving a lifetime achievement award.” source

Nickelodeon addressed the Sam & Cat cancellation rumors in an official statement. Although the network said the cast and crew were taking an extended hiatus after filming on the current season wraps up, the release stopped short of stating if the show would return for season two.