Miley Cyrus Who? Check Out Patrick Schwarzenegger’s New GF

Patrick Schwarzenegger may have taken a wrong turn in his relationship with Miley Cyrus, which ended nearly a year ago, but the prodigal son has rebounded, in true son-of-the-terminator style by confirming his relationship with Abby Champion.

Schwarzenegger’s new girlfriend (you guessed it) is a model, and the pair were seen spending spring break together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Abby Champion Patrick Schwarzenegger gf

“Glad I got to spend the last couple a days with [Patrick Schwarzenegger],” Abby wrote in another photo. Continue reading

Bill O’Reilly Killing In Ratings Department Despite Scandal

Bill O’Reilly‘s, The O’Reilly Factor, on the Fox News Channel is enjoying its biggest audience jump of 2015 to date – 3.3 million viewers with an averaged 590,000 viewers in the news demo.

Despite recent scandals, O’Reilly’s audience pull is 166% bigger than the number of folks he dragged in at the same time last year. That’s works out to a cool 100% improvement in demo viewers.

Bill O'Reilly 5

Last week, for instance, was his first full week since discrepancies emerged between his description of his role in covering various news events, most particularly his reporting on the Falklands War from Buenos Aires, with the headline Bill O’Reilly Has His Own Brian Williams Problem. Continue reading

Fisherman Killed After Being Attacked By Beaver!

A Beaver has attacked and killed a fisherman, literally pouncing on the man then gnawing on his neck until he was dead, in what officials are calling a ‘freak attack..’ Reports indicate the beaver became enraged after the fisherman tried to take his picture, no joke! The man was with two friends when they spotted the animal on the side of the road and decided to take his photograph.

24802 Fisherman Killed After Being Attacked By Beaver!

A BEAVER has reportedly mauled a man to death after pouncing on him as he went to take its photograph during a fishing trip. I REPEAT, A fisherman has been bitten to death by a beaver after trying to take its photograph,!

The man is believed to have been on a fishing trip at Lake Shestakov in Belarus with two friends when they spotted the animal on the side of the road. They stopped to take a picture of the creature, but as the victim approached the beaver it reportedly leapt on him, biting him on the leg. Despite the efforts of his friends to stem the flow of blood from the wound, the man bled to death. The animal is believed to have severed a main artery during the attack, according to reports.

Attacks by beavers are not unheard of! Last year in the U.S. two girls were mauled by a beaver in a lake in Virginia as they swam and more recently, an 83-year-old U.S. woman was bitten as she swam in Lake Barcroft.

bill murray caddyshack Fisherman Killed After Being Attacked By Beaver!