Bill O’Reilly Killing In Ratings Department Despite Scandal

Bill O’Reilly‘s, The O’Reilly Factor, on the Fox News Channel is enjoying its biggest audience jump of 2015 to date – 3.3 million viewers with an averaged 590,000 viewers in the news demo.

Despite recent scandals, O’Reilly’s audience pull is 166% bigger than the number of folks he dragged in at the same time last year. That’s works out to a cool 100% improvement in demo viewers.

Bill O'Reilly 5

Last week, for instance, was his first full week since discrepancies emerged between his description of his role in covering various news events, most particularly his reporting on the Falklands War from Buenos Aires, with the headline Bill O’Reilly Has His Own Brian Williams Problem. Continue reading

Bill O’Reilly: Some Kids Deserve To Get Hit

On the heels of Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson being indicted for “whooping” his kids, Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor host, Bill O’Reilly says he thinks some kids deserve a “little whack,” once in a while.

Though O’Reilly says he thinks causing lacerations from something “akin to a whip” constitutes “abuse,” he’s okay with a good old fashion spanking..

Bill O'Reilly 6

“How about a child that runs in the street?” O’Reilly asked at one point. “And you say, ‘look, you can’t run in the street because you’ll be dead if the car hits you’ and the kid still runs in the street. You’ve got to get the child’s attention.”

Watch the video segment here.

Bob Costas Backtracking On O’Reilly Factor After Glorifying Putin

Bill O’Reilly invited Bob Costas on the Monday night edition of O’Reilly Factor to let him try and defend his gushing coverage of Vladimir Putin and Russia during the Sochi Olympics.


Costas dismissed the whole thing as a “non-issue” and a “flimsy pretext for a controversy.” He said that he was “repeatedly” critical of Putin’s regime and human rights record on a number of occasions during the Olympics, only no one remember that.. BUT we do remember this bit! Continue reading

O’Reilly Asks Obama The TOUGH Questions Pre Super Bowl Interview

President Barack Obama is getting some time in front of the cameras before sitting down to watch the Super Bowl. He’s doing a live interview from the White House with Bill O’Reilly about two hours before kickoff, during the Fox pregame show. The interview comes less than a week after Obama’s State of the Union speech.

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