NOT NICE! Hannah Storm STIFF ARMS Makeup Artist LIVE ON-AIR

Hannah Storm, why is your face twisted so? Storm getting caught, in what some are calling, an abusive moment, while appearing on a live edition of ESPN SportsCenter.

The sportscaster was caught stiff arming her longtime makeup artist in an attempt to get her hand out of the frame.

Hannah Storm STIFF ARMS Makeup Artist

Some thought it was a hilarious candid moment, while some took offense to Storm getting so aggressive with her makeup artist. Continue reading

Hannah Storm FIGHTING BACK TEARS Reporting Stuart Scott Death

Hannah Storm fighting back the tears while reporting on her ESPN colleague, Stuart Scott’s death on Sunday.

Scott, 49, died after a long and hard fought battle with cancer.

hannah storm Stuart Scott espn 5

Scott spent the last 21 years on the air for ESPN, and his anchoring included coverage NFL, NBA and MLB games. Continue reading