During Hasan Minhaj’s monolog at a Trump-less White House Correspondents Dinner, he called Steve Bannon a Nazi and likened Attorney General Jeff Sessions to a slave owner, but on the morning after the fake news gala, many people on social media are calling his routine, “fake comedy.”

Minhaj’s awkward delivery was at times cringe worthy, as he attacked Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Rick Perry (who recently lost father), Mike Pence, Fox News, and even Ivanka Trump.


Folks on Youtube commented their thoughts:

Candice Rowser: “lmao no one wanted to do this – give it to an immigrant lol”

neville: “that’s not at all humorous”

CavemanSynthesizer: “That was painfully unfunny.”

George Quinones: “Congratulations to this young Man for his accomplishments, as a comic he sucks, an obvious Trumps hater. Claimed to be an immigrant, but, he was born in California, another example of Stolen Valor. Your Parents were immigrants not you knucklehead. When a person takes advantage of a platform to be critical of the President and his Staff, I only have one thing to say to you, you’re a dick! You have no respect for the office of the Presidency…. This is not what freedom of speech was meant for….”