Veteran Las Vegas entertainer, Tony Sacca, has passed away. Reports say the Vegas icon died after experiencing a heart attack Monday. He was 65.

Sacca was known as one of Las Vegas’ great entertainers, performing on the strip for over 50 years. He is survived by his wife, popular chef, Josette Leblond.


Most recently, Sacca had starred in a show at Bally’s titled Vegas the Story. Sacca had been performing in Vegas since 1981 and also operated the San Gennaro Feast in the city. He passed away three weeks shy of his 66th birthday. CBS Las Vegas reports that Sacca suffered a heart attack on the morning of January 31. Fox Las Vegas reports that on the night of January 30, Sacca was admitted to a hospital because he was not feeling well. Just prior to his death, Sacca was performing in a revue of the history of entertainment in Las Vegas. The show was written by Sacca. In 2010, the Las Vegas Sun reported that Sacca had been involved in a naming dispute with a similar show. h/t heavy

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sacca’s family and friends at this difficult time.