Hillary Clinton’s House Compared To Marco Rubio’s House

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Left: Marco Rubio‘s house. Right: Hillary Clinton‘s house.

Clearly, Hillary can identify with the common man.. As long as that common man owns a helicopter, or in Rubio’s case, a boat.

Hillary Clinton House Compared To Marco Rubio house


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  • TashaTchin

    Rick used his charity the same way the Clintons used their foundation. He isn’t all that trustworthy and he certainly isn’t electable. Too many skeletons in his closet.

  • rebapiper

    Right now, other than Trump. I think Rick Santorum is just the man we are looking for and beside I don’t think we have much choice in the matter. other then Santorum, NOT one of the other candidate are Trust Worthy and not one worth our time or money.

  • rebapiper

    rubies lies and deceit will soon get him a hitlary estate. their is not much difference in rubio and hitlary, they’ll both sell us out and have. only rubio had to take off work to get his money, hitlary got her travels paid by the tax payers, while she was in the Senate, White House and secryt.of state. rubio is doing just about the same thing only on a smaller scale. but give him the White House and you won’t find any difference between them. not ever their clothes. hitlary’s flashy close right now is just a show and it costing millions, who’s paying for her clothes.