Danielle Davies is the mother who lives  in her home with a cardboard cutout of Bradley Cooper.

Davies, 39, allows the cardboard cutout of the Hangover star to participate in the most intimate of family moments: graduation ceremonies, reading in bed, grocery shopping and something that involves a AA battery.


bradley-cooper-Danielle Davies. cardboard

You may be asking yourself “why?” Davies explains it this way,

“Because, friends, this is America. So why not? The fact is, while most of us don’t actually live our lives with movie stars, many of us wish we did. And so, being a forward thinking American, I have taken the bull by the horns, the horse by the reigns, the cardboard cutout of Bradley Cooper by the shoulders, and just pretend that I do.” source

Having briefly known Cooper in school (they met once during a play at Villanova University), she is determined to make their real-life romantic engagements into a book and a famous Instagram page.