Krista Grubb got the shock of a lifetime after she got her membership revoked from the  LA Fitness gym in Palm Harbor, Florida, over working out with her 13-year-old son..

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As reported by WTVT Fox 13, Grubb, a fitness trainer, was happy to guide her son as he began to lift weights.

“I was really excited to have him come in and lift and see the changes in his body that I saw in mine,” the mom said. “Through lifting weights and just working out, I gained a lot of confidence.” The mother and son began to work out together at LA Fitness. Mason enjoyed it and said, “It was a good like, bonding time for me and my mom.” source

The two continued their workouts together with no issue until last week. Grubb recounted, “One of the trainers approached me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was working out with my son.” Mason added, “We were just working out and she came and like she helped me with my form and stuff, and that’s basically all.”

Krista Grubb 4When Ms. Grubb returned the next day, she discovered that her membership had been revoked. Grubb recalled,

“He said, ‘Well, the notes here say that you were training people here and we have trainers that you know our customers pay.’” While gym policies prohibiting outside trainers are not unusual, the Florida mother maintains that she and her son were working out as a family, not as a trainer and client.

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“I think it’s pretty ridiculous that they would take her membership away,” Mason said. The perplexed Grubb laughed at what she agreed was an absurd situation saying, “It being my son and we’re working out together. I just, it’s insane, like it’s just, it’s insane.”

Grubb recently paid her membership in full and said she has still not received a refund from LA Fitness.

When WTVT asked the location’s management for comment they were directed to LA Fitness corporate. However, multiple attempts to contact corporate public relations were unanswered.