Text from the Change.org petition protesting Facebook’s new pay-to-play or Boost policy:facebook-money_orig

Your Facebook likes are being held for ransom!


Facebook’s new newsfeed algorithm is making it harder and harder for stories to get viewed, unless of course, you are a deep pocket publisher – then you simply pay to “boost” the post, and presto, you just bought your next viral story..

facebook ad pay to play

Actor Rainn Wilson put it this way:

“Turns out my @Facebook is kind of worthless. I used to post & reach most of my 200k followers, now I reach 5k & have to pay to hit more.”

If Rainn does decide to pay-to-play, he can probably afford it. The folks who can not afford it are the small publishers who worked endless hours garnering their Facebook Likes, and now are being prevented from reaching those folks, unless they pay up..

Let’s send a strong message to Mark Zuckerberg to restore the reach of OUR Likes!

Watch this video to learn more about Facebook’s new pay-to-play policy.

Click here if you’re interested in signing this petition.