Looks like My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way is trying to do some damage control after it was announced the MCR song, “Sing” will appear in an episode of the popular FOX series GLEE.

Could it be Way is trying to protect his underground fan base by knocking HIS placement of HIS music in a huge corporate TV show? I can hear the chants of “SELLOUT” already cropping up.


Way Tried to play off the fact his single ‘Sign’ will be featured on Glee by saying, “We wanted to get in that pop world and do some damage. ‘Sing’ is an anthem attacking corporate society, and there it is on Glee.” OUCH!

I am happy for MCR and I think it’s totally cool they will be complimenting the hit TV show with their own music, what I don’t like is a spoiled rockstar trying to act like an accomplishment like this is something to be apologized for.

One thing I know for sure, Way will cash the sweet Glee money check!

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