A serious news source; FOX News, has reported that a “Pan-Malaysian Islamic party (PAS) claims Rihanna’s performance, planned for Kuala Lumpur on February 13, would be an insult to Asian values.

The Malaysian government has strict rules when it comes to female performers, and artists are required to cover up from their shoulders to their knees. This would be a problem for Rihanna because she is known for skimpy outfits like belly-baring corsets and knee-high boots. The PAS organization, which has launched protests against the U.S. over its support of Israel in the ongoing struggle in the Middle East, has also warned that ticket buyers are contributing to the United States’ economy.”


These guys are T.O.’ed!

“PAS youth wing leader Kamaruzaman Mohamad tells Malaysian newspaper the Star, “Whether Rihanna realizes it or not, we know that the taxes she has paid also contributed to the war in Gaza.”

Mohamad claims the event would be “akin to insulting Eastern culture, belittling local artistes, internationally causing losses to the country’s economy and supporting Israel’s war policy, which is supported by America.””
So, does Rihanna know about this? Do her peeps know!!!???

“Pineapple Concerts, the promoters behind the show, maintained Rihanna’s management is “aware of the country’s regulations and the difficulties of doing a show.””

Will the show still go on?

Maybe not, because “Islamic leaders in Malaysia are pressing ahead with calls to ban Rihanna from performing in the country just weeks after she promised to tone down her forthcoming live concert.”

Do you think Rihanna should go and perform anyway? Would you? Do you think it’s dangerous?

Well, Gwen Stefani took the risk and performed in Malaysia. According to FOX News, Gwen “lashed out at the government by claiming she made “a major sacrifice” when she gave in to the dress rules for her show in the country last year.”