COSTCO Dragon 666 Cake Story a HOAX?

The story, posted by the Inquisitr, reported that Costco pulled from stores a decorated cake of a dragon with feet in the shape of “666,” over a customer’s complaint.

The story claimed a Christian Arizona mother had complained to the big-box store that the cake’s design looked demonic, but the story proved a hoax perpetrated by a pair freelance writers.

John Albrecht  Jessica Eckerdt costco cake 3

The story, originally posted by, was then relayed by multiple news sources. Continue reading

CAKE Maker Hears ”CAT” Instead Of ”CAP” Hilarity Ensues

The good thing about a baker’s mistake is that you can eat all of the evidence. But the BEST thing is when you can turn it into a story like this one. Adorably proud mom Carol Gambrel wanted to celebrate her daughter Laura’s college graduation, so she ordered a “face cake” and asked if they’d draw “a little cap” on Laura’s head. But the baker heard the wrong consonant, resulting in the most hilarious mixup this side of a sitcom: Laura was instead given a little cat instead. “When I went to pick it up at the store, I could not stop laughing,” Carol said. “I told them not to scrape it off.” Excellent call, mom! [Source] Continue reading