Vintage Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera 5 132x200 Vintage Christina Aguilera

I know Christina Aguilera has been around for a coon’s age and I thought these pictures captured the pre-diva at a pinnacle time when she could have gone either way… yeah she went the other way…



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  • Sprmcandy

    She Was Cute at one time.

  • Lloyd

    Gosh I’m so disapointed !!!! She’s the most gogreous woman in the world durin’ all the movie, lookin’ so retro, glamour and sexy Here she jut looks like a Hollywood blond star with too much make up on her face.Christina, go back to burleeeeesque !!!!

  • Bianca

    totally agree! christina is most tatenled artist than britney (idont know why is she still here in show bussisnes) but BUT christina is not the better me and a lot of people christina so wishes to be MARIAH the most perfect voice on earth xD hugs!

  • Matt

    i really like your face , nice sginer, nice voice, i love the way you dance with sing and most of all very kind, friendly to your fans. thanks so much christina your my idol too among the others.i hope more albums/ videos to come in your life.

  • LOCO

    This was the Christina I like the one that wanted to get dirty and get fried up in a hurry.

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    Vintage Christina Aguilera MICKEY MOUSE CLUB! via @TheCountNews

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    #rt Before The Bitch: Vintage Christina Aguilera: I know Christina Aguilera has been around for a coon’s age and…

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