Joaquin Phoenix Drugs, Ordering Prostitutes in New Documentary

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“I’m Still Here” is being called a “documentary” by director Casey Affleck, however, after viewing the film at the Venice film festival, many are doubting the film’s authenticity.
Starring Joaquin Phoenix as an actor turned rapper, Phoenix is on a quest to get a record deal and Sean “Diddy” Combs to produce his album, eventually there is a meeting with Combs and Combs’ reaction after hearing Phoenix’s demo is priceless, the actual outcome I will not spoil, but this does read like a movie plot, no?

When asked point blank if the movie was staged, Casey claimed, “I can tell you that there is no hoax, that never even entered into my consciousness until other people began to talk about the movie,” and that may be one of those non-answers or at least enough of a lack of confirmation for anyone to actually stop asking the question.

Phoenix is apparently filmed engaging with several prostitutes he trolls for on the internet and taking drugs at some point. There is footage of Phoenix as he departed the David Letterman show, a segment where Phoenix appeared to be on drugs or just famously confused, “I’m just going to be a god damned joke forever,” Phoenix exclaims and then breaks into tears.


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Hoax or no hoax, millions will feel compelled to buy a ticket and get in line to judge for themselves, and that my friends, is the name of the movie making game.

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