Kelly Rutherford Calls Judge CRUEL IDIOT Who ‘Arrested Kids’

Kelly Rutherford better hope she never has to face the same judge again, after calling her a “cruel idiot.” And the bashing didn’t stop there.

Rutherford slammed Judge Ellen Gesmer, who ruled the actress immediately return her two young children to their father, who resides in Monaco, which violated the kid’s Constitutional rights, according to Rutherford.

kelly rutherford loses kids 2

She says effectively the judge “arrested” her children, and sent them back to their father, who she claims lied to the court to get his way. Rutherford says Judge Ellen Gesmer‘s ruling to send the kids back to Daniel Giersch was “shocking, illegal, and abusive to my children.” Continue reading

HEARTBREAKING: Kelly Rutherford LOSES KIDS Ordered To Return To Monaco

Kelly Rutherford just experienced a heartbreaking loss, a judge ordering she return her young children their father, Daniel Giersch, who lives in Monaco.

After the losing in court, the kids were sent directly to the airport bound for France.

kelly rutherford loses kids 4

A judge just enforced a court order giving Daniel the right to keep the 2 children in Monaco Continue reading


Kourtney Kardashian sent a poetic salvo (via the press) to her M.I.A. hubby Scott Disick in hopes the lad would return home, but our sources say, Disick is done.

After living out a majority of their married life in front of cameras, (mostly for the Kardashian’s financial gain,) Lord Disick is finally saying ciao to his spoiled, scoul-faced wifey, even telling new friends in Monte Carlo, he’s “newly single.”


Scott hasn’t come home to Calabasas in well over a month and now Kourtney, who has admittedly shown a lot of patience, has commanded TMZ to send Scott a strong message, “You’re fired,” but sadly, Scott had already quit, and this time, for good. Continue reading