Turn Down Your iPod Kids! You’re Too Young and It’s Too Loud!

hearing aid 206x300 Turn Down Your iPod Kids! Youre Too Young and Its Too Loud!

Have you ever heard the saying, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old!”? The hearing damage that iPods are causing takes that saying to a whole new saying. “You’re too young and it’s too loud!”

I heard this story a long time ago-like 5 years ago, but I think it’s important for you to remember kiddies! You don’t want to be hard of hearing in your prime!

Did you know that your iPod’s volume goes up to a cracking 130 decibels, which is almost the same volume if you were at a loud rock concert?

“Decibel units are the measurements used to express differences in power or intensity between acoustic or electric signals. Sounds that register above 85 decibels are considered a dangerous exposure to the human ear, and can lead to permanent hearing loss over time.”

The study also states that ‘it’s not only about the high volume of sound into your ears, it’s also about the length of time that also increases the damage’.

So kids, turn it down!

EXCLUSIVE: Demi Moore Admits Using Hacked iPhone on Twitter


Can you say "Hacked?"

Twitter, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt and Twitter-crazy Demi Moore may have hurt her chances at getting endorsed by AT&T  anytime soon.

Moore, known as “mrskutcher” on the popular micro blogging web site, Twitter, inadvertently admitted to using a hacked iPhone while posting messages to friends.

It all came to light when Moore posted a video on Twitter using her iPhone, the problem is the proper AT&T version of the iPhone software does NOT have video capabilities.

What Moore is using is a program called QIK, it is used for shooting videos that can then be uploaded to the QIK website for viewing and sharing. In order to use this QIK application you must first have an iPhone that is “Jailbroken.” iPhones that are hacked in this way give users the ability to use any provider they wish, and AT&T is usually NOT one of them. It also allows hacked users to implement countless gray market applications, some of which clearly violate copy write and digital domain laws. Apple does not smile on users who hack their iPhone either; their policy automatically voids the warrantee for the hacker.

We LOVE Ashton and Demi here at ThecounT.com, and now we love them even more!  Come-on, hacking is so cool, right?  And if you’re wondering, it is not illegal to hack the iPhone, not really. You can buy an iPhone and smash it with a hammer if you want to, it is only illegal if you do something illegal with the phone after you hack in to it.

This whole phone hacking thing begs the question, Could tech-savvy boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, helped with the process of hacking Demi’s phone? Watch Twitter, maybe these two will spill the beans on that too!

Here is the Tweet that started it all:

“mrskutcher; BTW video was done not as a complaint but out of a desire 2 give U a glimpse sorry 4 weak video but the iPhone can only do so much at night!”

View Demi Moore’s iPhone Video here