Sarah Palin In Talks To Join THE VIEW

Sarah Palin spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about a possible seat on ABC’s The View.

Pending the departures of Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, Palin revealed in Monday’s interview, she’s actively interested.


All reporter Marisa Guthrie had to do was ask Palin if she was generally interested in hosting a political talk show and she quickly opened up about her apparent desire to join the ABC daytime show. Palin said: Continue reading

WHO DAT? Comedy Central Announces Stephen Colbert Replacement

Comedy Central’s “Senior Black Correspondent” for The Daily Show, Larry Wilmore, is set to replace Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report.. No word on whether or not the show will morph into The Wilmore Report.


With host Stephen Colbert departing at the end of the year in preparation for his new show at CBS, the cable network has tapped Larry Wilmore as his replacement, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The 52-year-old writer-actor, who has been with Comedy Central’s The Daily Show as its “Senior Black Correspondent” since 2006, will get the 11:30 p.m. half-hour starting in January. A twist on the former occupant’s title, the show is called The Minority Report With Larry Wilmore. source

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Miss Doubtfire Star SLAMS SEQUEL! ‘It Ended Where It Needed To End’

Mara Wilson, who as a youngster played the youngest daughter in hit movie, Miss Doubtfire, has slammed the proposed sequel to the film by Tweeting:mara-wilson-2012

“Sequels generally suck unless they were planned as part of a trilogy or series. I think Doubtfire ended where it needed to end.”

“I’m glad I had the chance to be in it, and I’m proud of what we did, but I don’t see how we could do it again,” she wrote, before clarifying, “There are many, many reasons I don’t want to be in Mrs. Doubtfire 2. But they haven’t even asked me (yet), so no need to worry.”

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Mystery SOLVED! Why Andrew Garfield Was Oscars NO SHOW

Everyone was wondering why Andrew Garfield failed to show up for a planned Oscars appearance, but now we know, and the reason will melt your heart!

Turns out the Spider-Man actor was supposed to take part in an Academy Awards skit, featuring, Miles Scott, the 5-year-old cancer patient who made headlines in 2013 when the city of San Francisco did the whole extravagant “Batkid” day thing. Continue reading

M.I.A. Shades Super Bowl CHEERLEADERS In Middle Finger Debacle

M.I.A. is attempting to shade cheerleaders everywhere and at the same time, wiggle out of paying the NFL an imposed fine of $1.5M smackeroos.  In short, the rapper claims her flipping off the camera was nothing in comparison to the ultra-offensive crotch-flashing cheerleaders.. All of them under the age of 16.mia nfl
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Kelly Ripa ‘I Haven’t Spoken To Regis Since The Day He Left’

I find this simply shocking! And now I officially dislike this woman.. Kelly Ripa was given the chance to live her wildest dreams after Regis Philbin gave her the co-host spot on his show “Live!” – and after all that – the ingrate hasen’t even bothered to call the man since 2011, the year he was forced into retirement.. Possibly by Ripa. This comes from the same woman who injects botox to curb sweating..


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Jay Leno To Be Replaced! Says Leaked NBC Memo Guess By Who!

Dear Jay Leno, this mess could have been solved a lot earlier and easier if you simply would have left your post when you were supposed to leave your post, but noooo… you had to do it your way and mess up a lot of lives and plans jettisoning so selfishly. Well, at least all of this worked out well for one chap.


Reports say, Jay is going to retire, this time for real, from “The Tonight Show” – end of the year, end of story, period ! .

So anyway, if any of this DOES go down, the torch will be passed to Jimmy Fallon. If I don’t sound excited it’s because this news in no way excites me.

A leaked document indicates that NBC will announce Leno’s retirement in May and the network will tap Fallon as Leno’s replacement. NBC is denying the story.

Jimmy Kimmel, who is no friend of Leno, will then have no problem winning the prized time slot with Fallon at the helm of the Johnny Carson Show the what ever it has become show.