Kim Kardashian ”Marilyn Monroe” Baby BUMP Malfunction!

Kim Kardashian had a major Marilyn Monroe wardrobe malfunction moment while stepping out in LA.. Proving once again why the reality star normally doesn’t sport maternity frocks..

kim k bump malfunction

The 32-year-old, who is currently under fire for using Botox while pregnant, wore this tied high dress that flew up over her waist almost at the wind’s command.. The same effect men have on her dress!

Halle Berry Maternity Dress BRAILLE Approved?

Halle Berry opting for a super tight dress on her way to taking her child to school.. I guess the days of pregnant folks wearing a tent substituted for a dress are over! At least in Hollywood.. Kim Kardashian has refused to don a single maternity dress in her 7 months of pregnancy and Halle Berry is following in the reality star’s swollen footsteps! Tight!


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Justin Bieber Threatens! ‘Stop Teasing Me About Saggy Pants Or I’ll Switch To These!’

Justin Bieber is trying to make the case that if we don’t stop teasing him about his weird saggy pants he’ll start wearing these Kmart greaser jeans. So overall, I guess he’s not giving us much of a choice. For Bieber it’s either the stonewash or the ones that resemble an elephantitis ball sack… So maybe he should try to meet somewhere in the middle?


Biebs posted the above picture on Twitter Instagram with the following caption,

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RUN FORREST RUN! Anne Hathaway ‘Young Gump’ Shoes On Red Carpet

Firstly, I think All of Anne Hathaway’s fashion woes could be erased if she would simply wear a wig and grow her hair back in a hurry. Having said that, let the thrashing commence.

Is it possible that Anne Hathaway is dressing kooky simply to get supplemental attention? It’s not like she needs any extra attention, but alas she’s getting my attention today, not because I’m all that interested in her in generalities, but more so because of these goofy strap-up shoes she’s wearing on the red carpet. So maybe it’s working.

Is that the new young Forrest Gump look? Or is Anne suddenly a Tim Burton style reincarnated Jenny? Jen-ny, stupid is as stupid does…

Life is like a box of chocolate, with a bowl haircut…

Run Anne run! Break free from the shackles that bind you!

Far be it for me to accuse Anne of being on any kind of medication in these pictures, although she does have that faraway look I’ve seen so many times before…

Sing it with me! “she’s got Brittany Murphy eyes.” God rest her troubled soul.

Put in a quarter and try again Hathaway! Or is it fashion game over?