Adam Lambert Beverly Hills Botox Queen

adam4 Adam Lambert Beverly Hills Botox QueenAdam Lambert was recently spotted being protected by the infamous “Queen” herself in a Beverly Hills Medical Building but the real question is… why was he there?  Now I happen to know this stairwell on Bedford Drive and there is only one reason Celebs visit this street.  Plastic Surgery or Botox! Some of the best plastic surgeons in the world are located on this street and a very well known exclusive Skin Solutions, where Botox is performed on stars daily.

adambotox 263x300 Adam Lambert Beverly Hills Botox Queen

Notice the dark sunglasses covering the bruises from the injection sites.  Adam is heard saying, “Guys, can I just go to my car?”  Since when did this fame whore not seek the spotlight?  I guess no one wants to be photographed after being injected with Botox!  Good thing for giant sunglasses.

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Usher Wife Lied to Surgeon – Usher Unaware of Surgery

usher tameka foster boy Usher Wife Lied to Surgeon   Usher Unaware of Surgery

Usher and wifey

The NY Daily News is reporting, “Usher’s wife may have lied to her surgeon, telling him she gave birth four months ago when in fact only two months had elapsed.

According to the president of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, a patient should only undergo liposuction six to eight months after giving birth.

“After a pregnancy, the abdomen muscle is violently stretched, becomes flaccid and swells,” he says. “The patient needs six to eight months to return to normal and only then can undergo surgery.”

Also Touch is saying she may never have told Usher that she was going to Brazil much less have surgery.   It is not clear if she intended to surprise Usher with her upgrades or if he would not have approved of her having surgery so soon.

Other theories are Usher would never have approved of his wife leaving their young children while she when under a voluntary knife.