RULING: Bobbi Kristina Brown JUDGE: Nick Gordon RESPONSIBLE For Her DEATH

A judge just ruled that, Nick Gordon, step-brother and boyfriend of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, is responsible for her death. The ruling came after Gordon failed to show up in court for a mandatory appearance Friday.

The hearing, which had been scheduled for 9:30am at Atlanta’s Fulton County Superior Court, was to hear motions on the wrongful death suit filed by the estate of Bobbi Kristina against Gordon. Judge T. Jackson Bedford, who was presiding over the case, said of the Gordon ruling: ‘I do not like people thumbing their nose at the court.’


Gordon, who had elected to represent himself in the trial, was not in attendance however, leading the judge to declare that all allegations made by Bobbi Kristina’s estate in the case would be admitted through omission. Continue reading

Did Bobbi Kristina DIE? Mystery TENT Just Erected Outside HOSPICE

This may be, we repeat, MAY be a very bad sign. A tent has just been erected outside of the facility housing Bobbi Kristina Brown.

The photo, snapped outside the hospice, shows a tent that very likely may have been assembled to prevent prying eyes and photogs from taking pics of something that is about to happen. The tent is located against the back wall of the building and is covering a large door.

Bobbi Kristina Death Bed Photo 3

Bobbi Kristina’s family is prepared to let her go, after doctors made it clear there was no real hope of recoveryContinue reading